TOP BITCOIN CASINOS & CASINO REVIEWS: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018 (recommended bitcoin casino: FORTUNEJACK CASINO RATING – 9.5/10)



FortuneJack Casino is an excellent Bitcoin Casino, that is offering wonderful customer service, wide variety of mesmerizing games, immediate withdrawals and many more gaming choices. This Bitcoin casino avails provably fair gaming. This is integrated and transparent with its customers, making it an exceptional BTC casino. Here, at this casino the loyalty program is nicely structured with great rewards.




mBit Casino in an online Bitcoin Gambling website that is permitting users to gamble on casino and associate profits. This exhibits a wide variety of games. This casino offers new comers BTC Bonuses along with a VIP program. This VIP program constitutes four total tiers, that includes Silver, Gold, Diamond and Black respectively.  Each of this tier enables the player, to gain more lucrative benefits.




Betchain is an online Bitcoin Casino that is offering the games which are developed and supplied by the renowned casino game providers. They are Amatic, softSwiss, Betsoft Gaming and Endorphina respectively. Though this casino launched in the year of 2014 as Bitcoin-only Casino, it is even started allowing the traditional currencies like Euros and Dollars in particular. The deposits can be done via Cubits, Lava Pay, Neteller and to name a few.





Betcoin is an aspiring Bitcoin Gambling casino that is offering lucrative Bitcoin Bonuses. This Bitcoin Casino is landmarked at Costa Rica. This is launched in the year of 2013.  here, at this casino, the minimum bet is fixed t 0.02 mBTC and the maximum bet is 5000 mBTC. This is a unique kind of BTC casino , that is offering a casino, that contains live casino, a sportsbook. A poker room, and dice game respectively.




1xBit is the most professed looking Bitcoin Gambling site. This Bitcoin Casino is offering an everyday jackpot to its patrons. The bets can be placed in accordance with the provisions of the offer. A player is entrusted with a new task every day at this casino. On each day a jackpot will be given at 0:00 MSK and a new task is likely to appear. More bets upon everyday results in more chances of winning a jackpot. On one fine day the jackpot reaches to 5 to 7 Bitcoins and as a result there will be more winners.




mega wins

This Bitcoin Casino that launched back in the year of 2016 supports both Bitcoin and Fiat currencies respectively. To converse about this casino’s deposits and withdrawals system, it would be fine to re-iterate that the Bitcoin deposits are processed with a great velocity. In addition to that the Bitcoin withdrawals are even processed automatically, resulting in giving the players the possibility of enjoying the newly gained funds with an immediate effect.




The adapted currencies at this Bitcoin Casino are EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, SEK, Norwegian Krone, Russian Ruble and surely Bitcoin. By means of accepting many number of different currencies, the casino is providing the flexibility of choosing any kind of currency that is preferred to avail to play the entire games. The gaming lobby of this casino is providing more than 800 games for players to enjoy.




Bitstartz is one of the fine looking Bitcoin Casinos of the web.  This is the first Bitcoin casino to work together with a Bitcoin Exchange. In the month of February 2017, this casino declared the integration of the Cubits Merchants AP to make it easier to accept Bitcoins and permits the players to convert their Bitcoins into traditonla currency safely and without any hindrances in a quick manner.




Launched in the year of 2015 March, this Bitcoin casino is a fresh place for BTC dice gaming with the standardized house edge of 1%. There is a public ledger that reveals to the users to pay a glance, that every bet is wagered both won and lost.  The website of this casino if very user friendly. There are embedded a plenty of features that are inimitable and enhances playability and full fledged entertainment.




Megadice is a Bitcoin only casino that provides the most flexible deposit and withdrawal needs. Here, at this Bitcoin Casino the Live Customer Support is always ready to assist when requested. Since, there is no minimum deposit a player can theoretically verify the website by means of tiny amounts. However the withdrawals charges a minimum fee of 0.0001 BTC or 10,000 satoshi. One confirmation is needed for the Deposits before going to play.



BITCOIN CASINO: The Definitive Guide To Bitcoin Gambling In 2018

Bitcoin Gambling is an intelligent creation of the collective minds. This is no doubt, but a wonderful chance for a prospective player for playing the chosen favourite Bitcoin Casino Game. A cryptocurrency, is that everyone can get reach to make and receive payments in. Bitcoin Gambling even enables for accessing to card and table online Bitcoin Gaming and as well as online slot machines of entire kinds, which are available online for playing anonymously.

bitcoin casino

Right at this particular moment, won’t it be fine to reciprocate plenty of thanks to the latest crypto technologies ?

Because, majority of the public are surely getting a genuinely enjoyable pastime, which is suitable for their tastes. As of today, there prevailed plenty of licensed and 100% regulated websites, that are providing Bitcoin online gaming services. This means believing the cryptocurrency money for them, is no less secure than playing in old traditional casinos and gambling services for dollars,euros and other routine currencies or still more secure possibly. Now, won’t it be better to have a glance at Bitcoin Games that are obtainable?.


A general question that always pricks in the minds of the players that “what is it going to fetch by preferring for playing Bitcoin Games?”. An instant answer would be likewise, “it is an utmost convenient, flexible, progressive, cost-efficient and highly lucrative”. However, what about the liberty while gaming selection? What precisely a player is going to have with Bitcoins? Oh! So many queries?

bitcoin casino

There are so many things to inform regarding Bitcoin gaming. There are multiple variations of table and card gaming, which are mostly sought after. They are, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps, Dice, Roulette and a vibrant selection or more exotic casino Bitcoins games respectively. To be frank, the gaming list would be insufficient, if there is no a mentioning of the kind of online gaming, at which plenty of players are mostly incisive nowadays. Those games are nothing but, the enchanting multi-themed coin-ringing online slots. Majority of these slots can be considered as a winning combination of an interesting storyline and the latest hi-end graphics.

There is even existed an another choice for aspirants of the Bitcoin Gaming, and that is to make wagers upon sports events, athletes and championships. By means of Bitcoins a prospective player can have the choice of betting option, features and chances as with “regular” sportsbooks. However, the playing rules are more attractive.

bitcoin casino

Provided, if a player is still wanting to have more entertainment, then, he or she can combine playing casino games for Bitcoins with online poker from time to time. This experimental process results in a realistic discovery for the players. With this the player will be so much surprised with lowest rakes, the variety tournaments, freerolls and cash games, that are provided.


 Usually, the reviews makes the player, for being updated constantly, by informing with latest Bitcoin Casino Games of all kinds that are available on the Best Bitcoin Casino Websites and also offers with information about other possible BTC Gambling activities provided. So wouldn’t it be better for a prospective player for having a look at BTC gaming reviews, for knowing about online slot games, that are presently in demand and are admired my several millions of the players across the globe. It is also ensured that, the reviews of the most famous classical casino games, once initiated in the past, will have the same support by gambling enthusiasts for centuries from now in their latest digital form. There is also a proverb like “The New Wine in an Old Bottle”.

bitcoin casino

The reviews related to Bitcoin Gaming are helpful in making to know surely which Bitcoin Casino Gaming are genuinely valued for trying and playing. Also, upon which online casino and gambling websites a player must have a look for them. Even the information pertaining to the brief manuals upon playing one or another game and the options, that are to be considered will be given.

bitcoin casino

Surely, special care will be taken for games, at where larger jackpots, including the progressive one are provided. By any means, they can not be skipped off. It would be really a happy note, that if a player wins an astounding 70 BTC prize, just by making a small wager upon a video slot, that he or she admired. The whims and fancies of the majority of the players have come true, after visiting the Bitcoin Casino Game reviews and selecting the Best Bitcoin Casinos for playing at.


If a player is aspiring for free Bitcoin Games, then he or she may also be interested for knowing the majority of the gaming, that are reviewed, that presented upon the page are even available at free play or “try” mode. This means that a player can completely have a free trial for them without any cost, and also without any wagers on them in Bitcoin or by any other kind of currency. In majority of the cases, a freshly joined player need not to have any Bitcoin fund, upon the player account’s balance for trying the gaming freely.

bitcoin casino

This has to be remembered that, this facility is not going to be offered for the entire kinds of Bitcoin Gaming that are prevailed. However, there is an assurance for having a chance to give the utmost famous Bitcoin Casino and slot gaming for free trial. Later on, that does not consume much time for a player, to take a decision for playing a chosen game, by readying to charge the account with Bitcoin funds. This is really a testing time for a player to observe whether luck in fact favors the brave. It would be fine, to have a sure check for as much casinos and gambling websites, where the favorite games are offered on as possible. Since, each of them may provide various playing rules and regulations, bonuses options and profitability respectively.


 Bitcoin Casinos tends, not only for keeping the winning inspiration on an higher pedestal, but also offers provably fair gaming. This kind of feature enables the players for having a manual test, for the casinos reliability and credentials.Usually, provably fair games assures clean and trustworthy games. This itself ensures the player for having a betting experience, that is mostly exciting and entertaining.

bitcoin casino


A player will surely comes to know by combining the thousands of interesting games and the variety of bonuses or promotions with provably fair gaming, that’s what others are deserving about. Hence, a player can be ready for having excess of excitement for playing at a Bitcoin Casino. One is always set at liberty, to choose from the list of the Top Bitcoin Casinos for the purpose of enjoying the wonders of playing online.


It would be definitely like an exaggeration, talking again about the requirement for ensuring the fund and identity security, while playing casino games and enjoying the other gambling activities. It is a known fact, that while at the moment of the Bitcoin Gambling, a player tend to feel more poise, since, there personal details are not at all needed, for creating a fresh player’s account on a reliable gaming website. As of today, there are countless digital fraudsters of all sorts upon the Internet, who are always inclined to snatch away the player’s funds, no matter, whether in Bitcoins, Euros or $. Bitcoins, which are innovative currencies, really gives a tough time for fraudsters for stealing, like other currencies.

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But, even then, one has to protect for himself, by knowing more, regarding the safest online gambling websites Bitcoin Casino Gaming are provided upon. It is advised that not to rely upon the websites, having dubious background, who does not possess gambling license, but are trying hard for captivating majority of the inexperienced and innocent players as possible with tricky intelligence and very much generously appealing bonus offers. The players, must make sure to have a double check. That is what precisely, what a BTC gambling website review is doing. These best reviews always gives its readers and players for having a safe, highly enjoyable and a positively memorable Bitcoin Gambling experience.


 May the high qualitative gaming get the player going. But, whereas, the Best Bitcoin Casino Bonus deals and promos will keep the player playing. It is a genuine fact.

When a player is playing at a Bitcoin Casino for the first time, he is ensured to get an opportunity for doubling the deposit, when he claims the welcome bonus. Here, at this particular moment, the greatness lies in receiving more bonuses, while playing more Bitcoin Casinos Games. There are lots of more bonus deals such as reload bonus, cashback and still many others. But, it is advised that the prospective players must have to keep their keen attention upon the free spins.

bitcoin casino

In addition to that, there are even many number of casino promotions for grabbing. On can expect huge amount of giveaways, at the time of special occasions like New Year, Christmas and so on. However, it is not only during these moments, that a player can find profitable promos. To be honest, there are some Generous Bitcoin Casinos, that are prepared to give free spins and cashback bonuses for their patrons, simply, for making their players happy.


For a prospective player, who always tends to step into the casino for playing games on everyday basis, proves after some time that it is a tiresome job. So particularly for those players, now the time is ripe for switching over to a novel way of playing their admirable games. Therefore, these players can have a glance at the reviews that are related to Bitcoins for checking the entire Bitcoin Gambling Websites, which are available through out the world, that may even includes casinos, sports betting, poker and much many more. A player can have a list of Best Bitcoin Casinos Sites, from which he or she can select from where the player can also go through the people’s evidences that have played. Even upon those sequences the decision can be made.

bitcoin casino

The games offering upon these online websites will be like roulette, blackjack, slots and still more. These online sites even assists the player for having a feel of a real casino and ensure that the player is not lagging behind in any manner. There are even plenty of online websites, which may offer the gaming, that might have not played so far till now in any casino before. They usually tend to provide an inimitable and a wide array of options for selecting the best ones from.

bitcoin casino

Right at this moment, it would be nice to suggest that, one should be aware of sites, which may take advantage of fresh players. In the process they may boast of a very fine picture of their website, but in reality, when a player puts his amount, they absconds with it. These things must be avoided. Therefore, it is to be ensured that, an integrated player must always go through the reviews and the Bitcoin Guide for assistance.


 To be exact, Bitcoin Betting is basically organized by website operators. Here, the earnings purely relies upon timing. Hence, the players who place wagers earlier are likely to get higher returns. It is advised that, before commencing the Bitcoin Betting, a player must be familiar with three kinds of famous statement positions. The first one is General Betting statement, which is clearly known by involved players. General statements are those norms, that are confirmed by website operators or moderators. The Waiting statement expresses that deadlines have been determined and they are only waiting for its date. And finally, there are closed statements, which comes after waiting statements.

bitcoin casino

As per newton’s law “for every action, there will be an equal and adjacent reaction”. That is what exactly how the Bitcoin Gambling Casinos came to be. The genuine fact is that, the public has accepted the Bitcoin across the entire industries, and this has resulted in paving a way for the rise of Bitcoin Gambling Casinos.